Infrared Induction Helicopter Remote control Vehicles-Helicopter

1,500.00 850.00

Hand induction control flying helicopter infrared sensor aircraft (without remote)kids flying toy usb charger flying mini sensor infrared induction heli plane with flashing light toys for kids .

Features : Made with of the high grade material ,which is durable wear resisting anti corrosion and eco .Easy to operate ,with strong stability and flying effect ,suitable for indoor flying play.

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  • Made of the high grade material ,which is durable ,wear resisting ,anti corrosion and flying effect ,suitable for indoor flying play
  • The product will automatially take off after starting up 3seconds ,intelligent hand induction helicopter ,magically flies above your hand ,you can use your hand to control it up and do
  • Inductive suspension and collision protection,light weight ,easy to fly with simple operation
  • Flashing light on the bottom of the helicopter ,which is cool and provide you a special look


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